It’s Set in Cyber-Stone

Mixer in a Box was one of the sites that I was not sure how to treat with the current round of code updates. The site uses an actual header background image that is an adaptation of the software UI. Since monitors no longer have rounded corners I did not want to use the CSS3 rounded corners for the top of the pages. I did want to give the site a slightly different look as well as doing the code update. I chose to round the corners on the bottom of the page.

I effected the changes on the main site and the two sub-sections of the site. I had given the blog four rounded corners when I went through the blogs, so I undid the changes to the top of the page and added the same color border on the page as I had used on the main site. The other sub-section, based on the ArticleMS script, received the same treatment.

MiaB is only about 15 pages so the update was fairly quick. While I was there I noticed that I need a few pages as well as finishing some of the promised content pages. Those are items to add to the ‘to do’ list. I am in code update mode at the present time.

There will be more news soon!

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