Beautifing the Article Directories

Five of the six article directories, as well as most of the instances of the script in other applications, have pretty CSS3 rounded corners. Once I got into the swing of things it did not take too long. The layout is the same on all of the directory sites so it was mostly copy/paste from my test bed installation and then adjusting the colors of the font in the header.

There was one hitch of which I became aware a bit after the update. There is a special print view. It does not have the header or nav sections, just the article content. In the course of business I had occasion to look at a print view page. All that was there was the body background image with the content on it. The body background images are not meant to have content so the content had little contrast and was very difficult to read. I think that it would have printed fine but it did not look good.I needed to add a bit of css to make things work right. This is all taken care of now as well as in the other instances of the script.

The reason that only five of the directories and most of the other instances had the changes applied is because there are a couple of sites that are special cases. The article directory is on my Number One Pictures site. I have a special design in place to give the feel of a wooden picture frame around the site. the rounded corners would not work well with the site layout. One of my other sites, Mixer in a Box, also has a special design and I have not decided on the final treatment there. I may apply the rounded corners to the bottom of the pages only on that site.

Its always an adventure!!

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