Off My Butt

I cleaned up the nav mess at The PCApp Store site today. When I did the CSS3 update to the site I noted that some of the pages came up with the wrong nav information in the left nav column. I sorted through the site to identify which pages had problems and corrected the problems both on the pages and in the nav include files where necessary. There were a few pages with other minor problems that I caught as I was going through the site so I took care of those problems, too. The user experience will now be improved.

There are still several things that need to be taken care of on the site as far as updating the code, but those things are not seen by the public. I will update the doc type to HTML5 and replace some on page code with an include file so that I can open the pages in BlueGriffon without breaking them. I also intend to consolidate the two stylesheets into one to make one less http request on initial load of the site.

This site has become my highest traffic site, meaning it is my site that Google finds least disgusting. After the code level updates I need to update and add to the content. The site has the potential to remain one of my best sites. It is one of my sites with commercial intent and the affiliate commissions on software tend to be relatively high.

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