Keeping With the Program

I have done the 2014 code update to Mixing Live Sound and its auxiliary parts. On the main site I updated the pages to HTML5 as well as adding the rounded corners. While I was fussing with the pages I set up the pages with my comment form to include the script parts that BlueGriffon does not like so I can open the pages in BG without concern. I also consolidated my secondary stylesheet with my primary stylesheet, saving one http request.

Earlier in my career as a webmaster I had the bright idea of putting the ‘skin’ css code in a separate css file. This makes it easy to find the important entries if I choose to change the appearance of the site, but it requires the browser to call for two separate stylesheets when the page first loads. There are only a few rules in the skin stylesheet so the file is very small as far as download time, but the extra call is unnecessary.

I had also done something silly when I did the update last year. I had made a copy of the site in a sub-folder and worked from that copy. The files in the main folder were the pre-2013 files. The first round of updates broke the display on the site, and I still didn’t realize what I had done. I had to redo the code update of last year on those files to return things to normal.

At one time this was my premier site. Then Google, in its wisdom, decided that when someone searches for ‘mixing live sound’ they really should see all the flashy hardware and tools for mixing sound rather than information about how to mix sound. They buried the site deep enough in the search results for the words that those interested in the content on the site are unlikely to happen upon the site. This has been a negative incentive for me in adding new content to the site, and the site really needs some new content. I have much more experience to share as mixing live sound has been  my primary source of income for the past 25 years.

There is also a blog and two instances of my article directory script associated with the site. The CSS3 update to the blog theme is not a problem. It is straight forward and, since I use the same theme for all my blogs, just a routine operation.

The article directory instances are always a bit more of a challenge. The script was altered more on an individual site basis. Of course, with two instances on this site I really only had to do the work once and then apply the changes to the second instance. Nonetheless, each of these scripts on various sites have presented some unique challenges. So far I have won or come close enough to be satisfactory, but there are several more of these sites that need to fall under the knife.

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