How to Trick An Obstinate Web Editor

The Problem

I have used KompoZer or its predecessor NVu for all of my web authoring in the past. It was a good freeware editor and has been of great value to me. Time moves on and development of KompoZer is stalled at this time. The original lead programmer for the NVu project has a new web editor available called BlueGriffon. I have begun looking at BG and I have posted my experience on my site:

There is one problem with BlueGriffon that had made me think that I would not be able to use it with many of my pages. I built the Learning BlueGriffion site using the BG editor. As a part of the site I wanted to use a comment script that I use on many sites. The comment form uses javascript to pull file paths for some elements. BG insists on escaping the symbols used in the script breaking the script. KompoZer has a checkbox in preferences that allows the user to prevent this from happening. I could no equivalent setting in BlueGriffon. Without that facility any page that I edit in BG that uses the comment form will end up with a broken comment form.

Background Information

I have another site that I am working on. On that site there are several categories. Some pages fit into a couple of categories. I use a nav section that shows all of the categories and the pages for the current category. When I put these pages up I hooked up the nav for the first category and listed the page under the second category. The problem with this approach is that if you click on the link under the second category the page opens with the nav for the first category. I could make a duplicate page with the nav for the second category with a slightly different file name, but then if I update the page I would have to remember to update the second page as well. I can place all of the content in an include file and include that file on both pages. In that way I will only have to update one file and the updated content can be included on both pages.

The Trick

While thinking about the utility of includes it occurred to me that I could probably include the script code in the page on the server. That way BG would never see the code and therefore could not break the script. I tried out this concept with a test page and it worked as planned. BG has no problem dealing with an include. On new pages I can just use an include for the needed javascript and the page will function without problem.

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