Progress Continues and a NotePad++ Tip

The update to the gallery pages on MC-Rally is done and live. After looking over the pages and thinking about what needed to be done I elected to use the global find and replace function in NotePad++ to do the job. Rebuilding the pages probably would have taken slightly longer as the output of my script needs to be tidied up a bit after the script runs including a file rename and a find and replace run in NP++ and a couple of extra lines to be deleted (also NP++ runs).

Near the end of my processing it dawned on me that there is a dropdown arrow on the input boxes of the Find and Replace dialog. Checking the dropdown I saw that my recent work was available to fill in the blanks. I saved a bit of time after I discovered that utility but could have saved much more if I had been paying attention in the past. Now all I have to do is remember that the function is there when I use the feature in the future.

The cosmetic update is done for MC-Rally. I do have some pictures from last season that I have not yet processed and I hope to get them up before this season kicks off. I did update my templates so the script should spit out gallery pages that display correctly in the new rounded corner format.

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