CSS3 Changes Implemented Across Site

After this blog the first site that I updated with the new look was MC-Rally.com. This was an interesting project as there is the static site and three separate CMS based sections. The main site consists of static pages and gallery pages. The gallery pages have not been fully updated at this point as I am trying to decide the best method of updating those. I could just rebuild the pages and may do that or I may attack them with the global find and replace in NotePad++. They should be a good candidate for the global find and replace since they are all based on a template so should be laid out the same.

The blog section proved to be little problem as I had the experience of updating this blog. There was one minor difference because of the border that I use on this site. I had to apply a different set of values to the header and footer sections to compensate for the border around the site.

The most hectic portions of the site to update were the two separate installations of the ArticleMS software. Actually, only one required work and the second was just copy and paste of the changes made to the first. There is still one thing that I have not completely come to grips with, but the pages do display reasonably so this is something for the back burner. I suspect that it has something to do with the search form, but I don’t know exactly what is going on there. I may need to change the order of the code again to get the desired result or I may have applied a rule to a wrong element. The result is not really significant so I will go with it for now.

The next project on the books is the PCApp Store site. This is another site with three sections. The blog is done and the static site main pages are done, but there are still many subpages that need to be touched. There is also an AMS section to this site, but I don’t expect much problem there. It should be straight forward like the test installation of that software.

While this is mostly busy work it is fun to be working with the code on these sites again. I will keep you informed of my progress.

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