Article MS Progress Report

I fussed with my test install of Article MS a bit this evening. I can report that I was almost successful in converting the header section to a div based layout. The actual header section was not too much of a problem, but the horizontal nav bar has not been so co-operative. I have most of the problems worked out with it, but there is one remaining glitch.

Later . . .

I banged my head for far too long on this one. I wrote css rules ’til I was blue in the face. Finally the little light bulb in the thought bubble above my head flashed on. Sometimes the order of the tags in the code is important. In this case I needed to move the code for one div up two spaces. Then everything snapped into place and the test bed site displays as I wish. The tables are gone from the header and nav bar sections of the page. I haven’t tackled the table based layout of the main content section at this point. I may try that later.

I have many sites to update and I want to get the display part of these sites out of the way. There are other updates that are needed that are of greater importance. I will post a note as I complete the various physical updates.

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