The First Foray into ArticleMS Land

I fussed with my test installation of the Article MS script that I use on several sites. I need to whip it into shape with the pretty CSS3 rounded corners. The footer div is no problem. Just add the border-radius code and adjust the left padding slightly and it looks fine.

The top of the page was not so co-operative. The script uses a table at the top of the page. I could not get the desired rounded corners. I need to research the situation. It is possible that the rounded corners can not be applied to tables or that I did not find the right tag on which to hang the styling. I’ll let you know what I find out about tables and rounded corners.

The right thing to do would be to rebuild the site using divs for layout instead of the tables that were used. I did not do that when I first put these sections up, but maybe now is the time. I was concerned about breaking the script at the time. Now, with a bit more experience, I think that it can be done relatively easily. Time will tell.

That was my big excitement for the day in the web development arena.

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